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between the silence of the mountains and the crashing of the seas there lies a land I oncle lived in - and she's waiting there for me

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Home has been ‘wherever I lay my hat’ for too many years. Right now, it’s Cape Town, South Africa. I’m in Covid-19 isolation with a collapsed lung. I have my MacBook Air – my gateway to the world – and your ear. Hiya! 


I’ve lived in, photographed and written about Africa for 40 years. I’ve taught thousands of young people the length and breadth of the continent. A fascinating life. If there are three stages in life that is my middle one and its been great!

2 Years from now

I will be living back in Wales, UK. No bones about it – health cover is my priority. I’ve given into our wonderful NHS for years and now I need it’s reassurance and help. I’ll get back home witha little bit more hard work, grit and determination. 

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I am Joshua, a blogger based in San Francisco, blogging about minimalism and simplicity.
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