Money for nothing and you’re chicks for free

You’re a developer, which means you have roughly 4.3 conversations each week with friends and family about building an application for a club, sports league, charity, church group or other organization. I know this, because I also have those same conversations every week, without fail. And I’ve built a few of those apps myself. The thing that those friends and family don’t realize is that it costs actual money to host those sites on the internet. Sometimes we can find free hosting for the simple ones, but for the more advanced or custom applications we often end up going to a cloud provider and finding the cheapest tier available and using that. Things like simple custom blogs or golf league websites that don’t draw more than a few dozen hits a week often can use the cheap tier without concern. But even the cheap tier can start to add up over time.

I’ve got good news. You don’t have to host that stuff on the cheap (or time bound “free”) tiers anymore. Introducing the“Always Free” tier from Oracle Cloud. Now you can host those robotics club websites and simple bowling league blogs for free, forever, in the easy to use Oracle Cloud. I’m not just talking about compute here either – you get a few VMs, of course – but you also get storage, load balancing and 2 free Autonomous DB instances. Yeah, that’s pretty amazing.

But before you run off to sign up, let me show you just how easy it is to get started with free Autonomous DB in the Oracle Cloud.

Sign Up

It’s really quick and easy. Go here, enter your info and sign up. Yeah, you need to put in a credit card. No, you won’t be charged unless you opt in to paid services. Yes, we clearly tell you “Always Free” when something is “Always Free”. It’s not hidden, or ambiguous. Here’s the first screen you need to fill out:

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